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You are here for the first time? Do you have any troubles with browsing or operating of the virtual view? You do not know where the necessary support for your internet browser can be downloaded?
If you replayed yes? at least once go on reading we prepared a small help for you.

What is a virtual view?

Virtual view is an interactive picture that takes in a space in the visual angle of 360 x 180 degrees. By using the mouse or the keyboard you can look around in all the directions. Virtual view presents a perfekt possibility of arbitrary space representation.

What is necessary for browsing the virtual view?

You need to have a common internet browser and have at least one of the following technologie installed: Adobe Flash Player, Sun Java, Apple Quicktime, or DevalVR. All these supports are to download free of charge

DevalVR is highly recommend for its quality.

How to operate the virtual view?

You can operate the virtual view by clicking the left button and mooving the mouse at the same time. You can also use the arrow keys in your keyboad. For zooming use the keys "+" and "-" (display in Java and Flash). Keyboards "Shift" and "CTRL" are for zooming when the virtual view is displayed in Deval VR and QuickTime.


Here you can get all the necessary for browsing of virtual view free of charge.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash | 1.4MB

Apple QuickTime

Apple QuickTime | 19.9MB


DevalVR | 279KB

Sun Java

Sun Java | 13.8MB